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Josiah P.

“I really love Asian cuisine and that is the reason why I always visit as many Asian restaurants as I can. When I found this Sebo restaurant on my way to a colleague’s house, I was happy I could explore another place and experience a different variety of cuisines. I wasn’t unfamiliar with Japanese cuisine. In fact, I’ve been to Japan a lot of times already. This is the reason why I am already familiar with the different dishes that they offer. I was so amazed when I dined at this restaurant because their dishes and the place itself took me back to Japan. They have authentic Japanese food that you would really love!”

Sakura M.

“As a Japanese person who lived in Phoenix not too long ago, I couldn’t help but feel homesick since I really miss my original hometown. There were times I would just really crave for our original cuisine and would feel like going back to Japan. However, I couldn’t do just that, especially just because I want to. I was glad I saw this place when I was surfing the internet. I immediately visited the restaurant because I saw it was near our home in Phoenix. It was such a lovely experience and I really feel like I was back in Japan when I dined in the Sebo restaurant.”

Chad G.

“This place is really awesome! I never really liked Asian dishes before but because of my friends who made me eat at this place, I was able to explore more of the Asian cuisine. I never thought I would love Japanese foods but after eating at this place for the first time, I continue coming back to this place over and over again. To Sebo, I really love your sushi and I hope you would offer more great and new dishes in the future! I hope you keep up the good service too.”