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The Sebo restaurant originated in Japan and is owned by a Japanese cook who lived in Japan all throughout his life.

When the owner was still a kid, he was already fond of cooking with his family. He grew up to have this interest in his life. He took courses in his studies where he could learn more about their culture and food. Other than it is a way of embracing his culture, it already became a way to pursue his dreams and continue doing his passion. The cook continued to do his lifelong career in Japan for years.

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When he visited other countries and places like Phoenix, he also became interested in the place especially when he met the woman who later on became his wife in this place. After knowing each other for years, they eventually got married and had a family in Japan. However, they also both would like to continue their business without leaving the cook’s original country. This started the idea to have a branch and open it up in a foreign place like Phoenix. Since the cook’s wife lived in this place, it wasn’t too hard for them to open their restaurant as well in this area.

After a year of investing and planning for the opening, the couple successfully opened their branch in Phoenix and made the Japanese cuisine open to more people. Many people became fond of this place because it was new to them. Thankfully, up until now, the Sebo restaurant still continues to expand widely in other places and grow more branches in different places in the United States. Now, Sebo is not just here to provide you amazing sushi but also open up your mind about the Japanese culture. Other than that, you can find them in many places because the Sebo still continues to improve for the better.