10 Quick Japanese Recipes You Can Prepare Right Now

Japanese food may initially appear challenging with all the unique ingredients, intricate equipment, and complex cooking methods. But don’t panic! Many dishes in Japanese cuisine are pretty easy to prepare, so it’s not as complicated as it first appears. In Japan, cooking at home is frequently simple. These dishes are the ideal way to learn about Japanese cooking, whether you’re an experienced cook or a total novice. They’re also excellent for anyone looking for a straightforward but tasty dish.

1. Renkon Chips

Due to their light, crispy crunch and excellent sauce drizzled on top, renkon chips are a shared appetizer at Japanese restaurants. Making them is simple and quick, especially if you buy pre-sliced frozen renkon from Asian or Japanese supermarkets.

2.  Yaki Onigiri

Japanese rice balls, known as yaki onigiri, are grilled and covered in a delectable sauce rather than wrapped in seaweed. These are amazingly easy to make and have a flavorful, crunchy crust.

3. Rice with Japanese Curry

It’s common to find Japanese curry served with fried chicken or pig cutlets, but it’s surprisingly simple to create at home. Add the meat immediately into the curry rather than frying it first to make it quicker and easier to prepare. You’ll have a delicious bowl of curry in no time.

4. Salted Salmon

I cannot emphasize more how simple it is to make. Salmon only needs to be salted before being grilled. It’s so straightforward but a staple that Japanese people eat with any meal and include in onigiri and bento boxes.

5. Yakitori

Yakitori is simple chicken skewers cooked and drenched with mouthwatering teriyaki sauce. You only need to grill the chicken skewers, add sauce, and serve yourself some delectable Japanese street cuisine.

6. Hamburg

Rissole-like Japanese Hamburg is superior to rissoles. They have a unique substance that keeps the Hamburg soft, juicy, flavorful, and high in protein. A delicious mushroom sauce should be served with them for a quick and straightforward Japanese midweek meal.

7. Salmon with Miso Glaze

Salmon is elevated and given a delightful flavor when miso is used as a glaze. It’s straightforward and provides a fancy supper that cooks quickly! Additionally, it is healthful, so there are no drawbacks.

8. Simple Asian Slaw Salad

This quick and straightforward Asian slaw salad can be prepared in about 15 minutes, giving you a fresh and nutritious supper on the table. Your preferred protein can be added, and an excellent and zingy sesame dressing is included with the slaw.

9. Beef Gyudon Bowl

Gyudon is a well-liked fast food dish in Japan since it’s filling and simple to consume. It is also elementary to make at home. Japanese rice that is cooked pairs incredibly well with thinly sliced, seasoned meat.

10. Japanese fried rice Yakimeshi

No complicated ingredients are needed to prepare Japanese fried rice, also known as “yakimeshi.” Since you can use whatever filler items you have on hand, it’s ideal for novices and a great meal to prepare when you feel like you have no food at home.