here at sebo, we strive to bring you the highest quality sushi in the traditional edomae style. our focus is the freshness and quality of our fish. we only carry fish that are in season and obtain most of our fish from the three main markets in japan on a daily basis. as rice is one of the most important elements of sushi, we only use koshihikari, the short grain variety traditionally used to make sushi. we then season our rice with yusen-su, a drier vinegar made from sake lees. to complement our selection of seasonal fish we also feature an extraordinary list of premium japanese sakes put together with the help of beau timken from true sake. in addition to sushi, sebo also features a variety of small cooked dishes highlighting traditional preparations and

seasonal ingredients.


in order to address current concerns regarding fishing practices and the related impact on wild fish populations and the environment, we maintain a close relationship with our distributor that can extend even to individual boats to ensure that our product is being sourced responsibly. furthermore, we are one of a few restaurants in the u.s. that are involved in a research program with kindai university that is cultivating fish from the egg with the goal of protecting wild fish populations.